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News of the day

Razer and Lambda made a Linux laptop for machine learning When it isn't busy making sleek laptops for gamers, Razer can come up with a laptop fine-tuned for enterprises that develop deep-learning applications for various fields

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BlueOcean raises $30M for its AI-based brand intelligence platform The medium is the message more than ever these days, and brands are faced with a challenge — but also opportunity — to capture what consumers think about them and their products if they can harness and better understand those messages,

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Tesla’s Self-Driving Taxi Does Nothing for TSLA Stock Elon Musk made several announcements recently while launching Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) gigafactory in Austin, Texas. One of the company’s commitments was to making a “dedicated” self-driving taxi in the future.

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Zoom launches AI-powered features aimed at sales teams Zoom, the videoconferencing giant, has launched a set of AI-powered features aimed at enterprise sales and marketing teams.

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Manage dialog to elicit Amazon Lex slots in Amazon Connect contact flows Amazon Lex can add powerful automation to contact center solutions, so you can enable self-service via interactive voice response (IVR) interactions or route calls to the appropriate agent based on caller input. These capabilities can increase customer satisfaction by streamlining the user experience,


Learning of the day

Statistical Learning with Sparsity: The Lasso and Generalizations (Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability) A sparse statistical model has only a small number of nonzero parameters or weights; therefore, it is much easier to estimate and interpret than a dense model. Statistical Learning with Sparsity: The Lasso and Generalizations presents methods that exploit sparsity to help recover the underlying signal in a set of data.

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An Introduction to Practical Deep Learning Learn An Introduction to Practical Deep Learning from Intel. This course provides an introduction to Deep Learning, a field that aims to harness the enormous amounts of data that we are surrounded by with artificial neural networks, allowing for ...

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Companies of the day

Alitheon Alitheon, a leader in advanced machine vision, has created FeaturePrint – a system that that securely links the physical and digital worlds. The patented FeaturePrint technology uses artificial intelligence and off the shelf cameras to register and subsequently identify even visually indistinguishable objects with statistical certainty. This novel capability delivers supply chain intelligence and ensures product authenticity, for producers of industrial parts, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, additive manufactured parts, precious metals, documents, and luxury goods and other high value assets.

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K Health K puts personalized health information and quality care at everyone’s fingertips. We are a global team of doctors and developers who are passionate about using advanced machine learning techniques to turn clinical health data into knowledge that can help you better manage your health.

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Influencers of the day

Oren Etzioni Oren Etzioni is an American entrepreneur, professor of computer science, and CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

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Karl Iagnemma Karl Iagnemma is an American writer and research scientist. He is also the CEO of self-driving technology company NuTonomy.

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